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If your RLM license server is behind a firewall you may need to unblock some TCP/IP ports to allow client machines outside the firewall to be able to check out HDR Light Studio licenses.

By default, RLM uses port 5053 for the main RLM service and a dynamically-chosen port for the ISV (lightmap) service. You can change these default ports by editing your license file and then restarting both RLM and the ISV license servers.

In the license file shown below RLM uses port 5059, and the ISV lightmap server uses port 62645.

HOST acme_server b8e856458582 5059

ISV lightmap port=62645

LICENSE lightmap hdrlightstudio 2014.0306 permanent 5 hostid=ANY share=uh

start=06-mar-2014 customer=A-000000003 issued=14-mar-2014 replace


disable="TerminalServer VM" _ck=202228fefb sig="302D02145AD0D8A948E



The HOST line specifies the port used by the main RLM license service. By default (if no port is specified) this port is 5053, but we have changed it to 5059. If you change the port number on the server you must mirror this change on the client in the environment variable or license file. For example, the client license file would say:

HOST acme_server b8e856458582 5059

or if the client connects by an environment variable:


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