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Floating licenses are sometimes called network licenses or counted licenses. A single floating license will allow any networked computer to use one copy of HDR Light Studio at any one time. Without a valid license key installed, a watermark will appear on your canvas and you will not be able to save your project.

Floating licenses are more complicated to get working than nodelocked licenses. To get floating licenses to work, you will need:

1.To install the Reprise License Manager on the license server.

2.To put the floating license key on the server.

3.To tell the client computers how to connect to the license server.

The Reprise License Manager (RLM) manages your use of HDR Light Studio through the license key. It counts how many clients have taken licenses and how many are free. The license key is a human-readable text file that typically defines the version of HDR Light Studio you can use, the number of computers you can use for lighting and how long the license is valid. Here is an example:

HOST acme_server b8e856458582 5053

ISV lightmap port=62645

LICENSE lightmap hdrlightstudio 2016.0412 12-apr-2016 5 hostid=ANY share=uh

start=12-apr-2015 issuer=web-shop customer=U-00000002 issued=12-apr-2015 replace


disable="TerminalServer VM" _ck=202228fefb sig="302D02145AD0D8A948E



Any client computer that has HDR Light Studio installed needs to know which computer is being used as the license server. This is done through a simple text file or an environment variable that specifies the hostname (or ip address) of the license server and the port through which communication should take place.

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