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The ISV line does not specify a port by default, so RLM dynamically chooses a port number when you start the license server. To specify a fixed port (to get through a firewall), add port=<isv-port> to the ISV line, where <isv-port> is the number of a free TPC/IP port. In the example above, we added port=62645

After you edit the license file, stop both RLM and the ISV license server, then start RLM. Here is an example of the output from RLM using the example port numbers above.

# ./rlmutil rlmdown lightmap

# ./rlmutil rlmdown RLM

# ./rlm

03/19 13:42 (rlm) RLM License Server Version 11.0BL2


Copyright (C) 2006-2014, Reprise Software, Inc. All rights reserved.


03/19 13:42 (rlm) License server started on acme_server

03/19 13:42 (rlm) Server architecture: x64_m1

03/19 13:42 (rlm) License files:

03/19 13:42 (rlm)     hdrlightstudio.lic

03/19 13:42 (rlm)

03/19 13:42 (rlm) Web server starting on port 5054

03/19 13:42 (rlm) Using TCP/IP port 5059

03/19 13:42 (rlm) ... adding UDP/IP port 5053

03/19 13:42 (rlm) Starting ISV server lightmap on port 62645

03/19 13:42 (lightmap) RLM License Server Version 11.0BL2 for ISV "lightmap"

03/19 13:42 (lightmap) Settings from RLM Version 9.4BL4 for ISV "lightmap"

03/19 13:42 (lightmap) Server architecture: x64_m1

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