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If you have followed the instructions to set up your clients and you're sure the server is up and running and serving licenses,but you are getting the following errors:

Communications error with license server (-17)

Connection refused at server (-111) HDRLightStudio

Then you should try replacing the hostname of the server with the IP address of the server in the client license file or environment variable. To display the ip address for the license server, open a terminal, shell or command prompt on the server, change directory to the RLM Directory and type:

./rlmutil rlmhostid ip

Make a note of the ip address. Find the license key file on the client machine. The easiest method is to start HDR Light Studio, select Help from the top menu bar and select Open License Directory. Edit the file and replace the hostname with the ip address. For example:


Or if you are connecting with an environment variable use


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