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Adding more license keys to a running license server is easy, just drop the new license file in the same folder as your Reprise License Manager (the RLM Directory), then Reread/Restart the servers. Not sure where this folder is? It's the one that usually contains the following files.




You can put multiple license files in this directory. RLM will read all files with a .lic file extension in this directory.

If RLM is already running when you receive a new license key, you'll need to restart the license server to get the key working. The simplest method is to use the RLM Web Server.

1.Put your new license key in the RLM Directory.

2.In your browser, go to the RLM Web Server at localhost:5054.

3.Under the RLM Administration Commands, click the Reread/Restart Servers button.

4.In the ISV list, select lightmap.

5.Click the REREAD/RESTART button.

That's it. Your new license key should be working.

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