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On Microsoft Windows you will need to install and run the RLM License server as a Windows service process. A service process will start automatically when the computer boots up and will remain running as long as the computer is up. Installing RLM as a service is done at the command prompt. Once installed as a service it remains installed until it is deleted as a service. Deleting the service removes it from the Windows service database and does not delete the rlm.exe or associated file(s).

Let's imagine that you have installed the Windows RLM license server to the directory C:\Program Files\RLM

Start a command prompt and run it as Administrator.

Change directory to C:\Program Files\RLM

Type the following command (all one one line):

rlm.exe -install_service -service_name rlm-lightmap -dlog +"C:\Program Files\RLM\rlm-lightmap.log"

  -c "C:\Program Files\RLM\hdrlightstudio.lic"

Go to the Control Panel - Administrative Tools and click on Services. Find rlm-lightmap in the list of services and start the service.

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