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You are probably looking at this page because you pressed the 'Help' button on the Licensing panel when HDR Light Studio started in an unlicensed state. There are many reasons why this could happen but here are the most popular reasons.

1. You have not purchased a license for the software.
It is expected the software will start unlicensed if a valid license has not been installed. The licensing panel provides you with ways to license the software or a button to Run in Unlicensed Demo Mode.

2. You have a valid license but have started a second session of HDR Light Studio. (Error -22 All licenses in use)
Your license allows just 1 session of HDR Light Studio to be used on your computer at a time. Please ensure all other sessions of HDR Light Studio are closed before starting a new one. You may think you have only one HDR Light Studio session open, but it's possible you have hidden HDR Light Studio only, and not closed it. Pressing the close button on HDR Light Studio's interface will only hide HDR Light Studio when used via a connection. Also, if your main 3D software crashed this may leave a hidden session of HDR Light Studio running - you can check this in your task manager on Windows, for example, and close HDR Light Studio from there. Also, be sure to start HDR Light Studio via the connection 'Start' button, a connection will not connect to an already open session of HDR Light Studio.

3. The license has expired
Most licenses for HDR Light Studio that we sell last for 1 year. If HDR Light Studio starts unlicensed and your license was working fine on that computer some time ago, then perhaps the license has expired. Please check your HDR Light Studio order to confirm the type of license purchased - a Subscription license lasts for 1 year, after this, you buy another one.

4. You have changed your hardware
The HDR Light Studio license is tied to the mac address of your computer. If you have changed your motherboard, this Mac address will change and the license will no longer enable HDR Light Studio. If this is the case, you can transfer your node-locked license to the new computer using this web page:

5. Your license is for an older version of HDR Light Studio/Connection
For customers using permanent licenses of HDR Light Studio/Connections, each license contains a maintenance date. You can run all releases of HDR Light Studio with build dates up to your maintenance date. If you try to install and run a newer version of HDR Light Studio than your maintenance date, the software will not be licensed. To fix this issue, please install an older build of HDR Light Studio, with a build date before your license's maintenance date. You can check the history of releases and build dates on the Compatibility Chart page. Or you can check and renew your maintenance here:

If the above has not solved your problem, please get in touch with to help you.


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