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Concurrency check failure

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HDR Light Studio licenses are not online based, with activation and deactivation functionality. Once a HDR Light Studio node-locked license has been generated, it is stored on your computer and we can not invalidate it. The license will work on that computer until the license expiry date in the license file. Therefore, when transferring your license to a new computer, you can use HDR Light Studio on both your old and new computers until the licenses expire. However, if you try to use HDR Light Studio on both computers at the same time, you will get an error message saying "The host 'Computer X' is currently using this license."

We do not allow concurrent use of the old and new license at the same time, and this is checked for on your local network. A node-locked license is for a single user and the license transfer should not be abused to provide a free second license for another user. If you want 2 users to use HDR Light Studio at the same time, please purchase a second license from our store here:


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