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Build 2023.1115
Updated to be compatible with HDR Light Studio 8.2

Build 2023.0505
Works with 2022.1 and 2022.1.1
Small bug fixes and added support for 2022.1.1

Build 2023.0203
Works with 2021.1 and 2022.1
Fixed a compatibility issue - we now work with 2021.1.7 as a minimum version.
Removed support for 2019 and 2020
HDR Light Studio API updates.

14 Jan 2022
Connection Released for Octane Standalone 2021.1

Build 2021.0512
Bug fixes

Build 2020.1208
Support added for Octane Standalone 2020.2

Build 2020.0805
Connection updated to use the new TCP/IP API in HDR Light Studio.
This provides a more responsive communication and lighting experience between HDR Light Studio and Octane Standalone.

Build 2020.0511
New build for Octane Standalone 2020 release version, built against release SDK. Previous build stopped working with final release.

Build 2019.1211
Small bug fixes

Build 2019.1203
Octane Standalone 2019 and 2020 support added

Build 2019.0716
Octane 2018 support added
Octane 3 supported retired
Bug fix: Lightpaint sometimes inaccurate.
Bug fix: Area lights not correctly synced back up causing scene geometry to be hidden when area lights toggled on/off
Bug fix: Renaming area lights correctly handled

Build 2019.0304
Fixed issue with area lights not turning off/on
Fixed memory leak

Build 2018.0717

HDR Light Studio Connection is compatible with Octane Standalone on Windows only version 3.08.1 and higher.


Known Issue:
If ‘Enable denoising’ is set and ‘DeMain' is selected, Render View [Octane|Octane] will fail to start
Any scene that has 'Enable Denoising' set in Render target node > Imaging Settings > Imager > Spectral AI Denoiser, and when 'DeMain' is selected and HDR Light Studio is started, the Octane interactive rendering inside HDR Light Studio interface will not start. The following error message will be displayed in the render view: Octane Not Responding. Setups appears to be incorrect.
Error Message when LightPainting on Octane Standalone Render View - says Connection Error.
ORBX scenes exported from Maya with some versions of Octane 2019 and 2020, are not have all the cameras setup correctly with their film settings node linked up. Only the render camera at the time of export appears to have this correctly setup. This can be fixed manually in Octane standalone. It affects our LightPaint system and creates an error message if this is not correctly setup.

Don't touch/move/manipulate the "HDR Light Studio Area Lights" node
If the user creates area lights whilst using Octane, a "HDR Light Studio Area Lights" node is created and placed in the geometry "pipe/pin" of the node graph.
This node is a "container" for all of our area light nodes, effectively containing/hiding them away from the user.
By default it's created as the "first" thing in the geometry pipeline, first step from the render target, whilst the user could manually move this around and reconnect it anywhere in the geometry pipeline, or even disconnect it completely. This could break the area lights, they may not render or start rendering behind things (effectively hiding them) etc. It's strongly recommended that the user doesn't touch/move/manipulate the "HDR Light Studio Area Lights" node at all.

Don't rename area lights inside Octane Standalone
Area lights in Octane cannot be manually renamed (inside Octane), it will break our connection to the area light.
Any renaming of the area light must be done inside HDRLS, the light node name itself also contains our light ID (which we use to link the area lights), if that ID were removed/changed it will break the connection we have to the light.

Don’t select other nodes in Octane when interactive rendering inside HDR Light Studio is running
If other nodes in Octane are clicked or moved, e.g. moving off the initial Render Node, then the interactive rendering inside HDR Light Studio interface may stop receiving updates from Octane. To get it updating again, users will be required to click on the Resync (Restart) button inside the Render View [Octane|Octane].




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