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Release Notes

Build 2024.0318
Support added for MODO 17
This build removes support for 14. For Modo 14, please use HDR Light Studio 8.2.0 build 2024.0301.

Bug fix: A MODO crash has been fixed caused by starting the Octane interactive render inside HDR Light Studio. The bug fix is effective in Octane version 2023.1.2.199+. For users running MODO 17 which includes Octane Prime, MODO 17.0v2+ is required for the bug fix to be effective.

The crash was due to Octane Authentication, and a workaround for this was to open the Octane viewport in Modo before starting the Octane Interactive Render inside HDR Light Studio.
Users running Octane version older than 2023.1.2.199 or MODO 17 version older than 17.0v2 will see an activation pop-up when starting HDR Light Studio 8.2.1.

Build 2024.0222
Updated to be compatible with HDR Light Studio 8.2
Fixed an error when making Area Lights in MODO 16.1 and above

Build 2023.0330
Fixed conflicts with other plug-ins.
HDR Light Studio has moved to using a new version of QT. Plug-in updates were required as a result of this.

5th May 2022
MODO 16 plug-in released - Plug-in build 2022.0420

Build 2021.0504
On macOS, if HDR Light Studio environment variable is not found/work/set then default install location used to find HDR Light Studio main app. This allows users to use HDR Light Studio with their connection who were having technical difficulties due to macOS ignoring our environment variable.

MODO 15 support added 6th April 2021
MODO 15 itself has fixed a licensing bug where a floating license of MODO was preventing a floating license of HDR Light Studio working.

Tungsten Drop 4
Support added for MODO 14.
There is a bug with Area Lights textures in MODO 14 first release. The RGB texture is not being applied correctly to the light. We are working with Foundry on this, as the issue is in MODO.
Using HDR Light Studio for HDRI map creation is working as expected.
There is an interface bug when the connection panel is narrow, the Stop button is not showing up in the pop up containing the missing buttons. To work around this make the panel wider.

Build 2019.0710
See your MODO Interactive Render inside the HDR Light Studio interface
Supported in MODO 11,12,13, with MODO Renderer and Octane Render.
Octane Render View in HDR Light Studio interface
For compatibility ensure you are running 'at least' Octane Version: 2018.1.3.145

Bug Fix: MODO Connection - Export Selected Via File with Collada not working.

Build 2019.0403
Adds MODO 13 support
Fixed Deletes environment textures on load complete notification (no env texture on re-starting session)

Build 2018.1204
Fixed bug where initial state of lighting shared with Modo was black until one lighting change was made.

Build 2018.0424
Adds MODO 12 support

Build 2018.0129
Press Play button in HDR Light Studio to automatically import the scene from Modo
Plus minor bug fixes

Build 2017.0706
Support for MODO 11 added.
LightPaint in MODO viewports does not work in MODO version 11.1.
We are working with Foundry on this issue.
There are no issues when using LightPaint in MODO version 11.0

Build 2016.1102
Support added for new area light advanced rotations and light handle

Build 2016.0621
Added support for Modo version 10
HDR Light Studio Area Light support added - supports renderers: MODO, Octane and V-Ray

Build 2016.0225
Added support for Modo 902
Updated for compatibility with HDR Light Studio 5.3
Bug 1154 - Dragging Lat / Long Sliders in HDRLS, slow HDRI map updates has been fixed.
Bug 1232 - Fixed issue when starting HDRLS with an embedded project, the initial lighting didn't match until a change was made.
Bug 1005 - Fixed HDRLS crash on exit when referencing Alembic file
Bug 1126 - Fixed bug where Modo thinks its connected to HDRLS when it isn't, after an initial failed attempt.
Fixed bug where HDRLS can not be stopped when it's hidden.

Build 2015.0625
Support for Alembic scene export has been added.
Plug-in user interface has been updated to be more consistent with the plug-in connections.

Build 2015.0527
Support has been added for MODO 901
BUG 826 - if your MODO scene was exported to HDR Light Studio 5 using the persistent option, saving and restoring the scene in MODO would not load back the model in HDR Light Studio. This has been fixed.
BUG 827 - the Pause button has been replaced with Show and Hide buttons to improve consistency across plug-in connections. Also undocked panels would not hide in the previous build. This has been fixed.
BUG 829 - in the previous build using the MODO plug-in connection (particularly on Mac OS X and Linux), there was a delay of a few seconds before a re-render was triggered in MODO after a lighting change in HDR Light Studio. This has been fixed in the MODO plug-in connection build 2015.0527. You will also need to install HDR Light Studio 5.1.


Known Issues

Modo 16.0v4+ with Octane Crash
Modo 16.0v4 and later release, when used with OctaneRender_for_Modo15-16: 2023_1_2_196 can cause a crash when you switch to the Octane Layout, Start HDR Light Studio, and press the play button on the Render View (Modo/Octane). The workaround is to start the Octane render in the viewport first in Modo before pressing play in HDR Light Studio.

No Render Camera found bug
Start up Modo, delete the default camera and then create a new one. If you try and export the scene to HDR Light Studio at this point it will error with "No Render Camera found".
To fix, go to the Render section in the Shading view, on the Render Camera drop down, reselect the newly created camera. HDR Light Studio will now sync the scene correctly.


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