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HDR Light Studio - Render Views

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HDR Light Studio has an inbuilt interactive renderer that provides a preview of the lighting effect from the HDRI Map and Area Lights on a loaded 3D scene with a simple single shader for the whole model. This is view is called Render View (HDR Light Studio).

Some HDR Light Studio plug-in connections support a second render view panel, where the interactive render from the main 3D software is displayed in the HDR Light Studio interface. This view is called Render View (Host/Renderer) where the host is the 3D software connected, and the renderer is the active renderer in the 3D software.

Render View (HDR Light Studio)

Render View (Host/Renderer)

The LightPaint System

Render View Settings Panel

Display Controls

Frame Number

Proxy Image Resolution

Render Views Usage Guide

Matching your 3D Software



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