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The chart below shows an ideal strategy to use when both Render Views are available.
You can see the advantages of the Render View [HDR Light Studio] here
You can see the advantages of the Render View [Host|Renderer] here

2 render views usage


The interactive performance and the choice of which render views to use is dependent on many factors, including the 3D scene complexity, material/shader/texture complexity, the performance of your renderer and the performance of your hardware. Using a combination of HDR Light Studio’s Render Views means you can light any scene interactively.

Host Render interactivity is Fast
Using Render View [Host|Renderer] on its own
If the host scene is rendering nice a fast using interactive rendering, using this view on its own makes perfect sense. Click on this view to move a light and updates should be nice and fast.

Host Render interactivity is Medium
Using Render View [HDR Light Studio] and Render View [Host|Renderer] together
If the host scene is slow to respond/update when using interactive rendering, use HDR Light Studio's own renderer to position the lights with instant feedback, and use the host render view to simply keep an eye on the effect of the lighting on your final shaders. The host rendering will catch up with the lighting updates and provide a useful and accurate view of the final lighting as you work in HDR Light Studio, even if it is a little behind.

Host Render interactivity is Slow
Using Render View [HDR Light Studio] with occasional test renders using Render View [Host|Renderer]
If the host scene is rendering very slow and is not interactive, it makes sense to take advantage of HDR Light Studios own renderer to get the lighting design created quickly with interactive feedback - without the overhead of also running the host/renderer at the same time. In this case use the Render View [Host|Renderer] to make occasional test renders to check on the lighting result and then pause the view. This will prevent both renderers needing to run at the same time and compete for the computers resources whilst dealing with a complex scene.


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