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Light Controls Panel (Legacy)

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The Light Control buttons are a depreciated feature since HDR Light Studio (8 Drop 1).
Light Control buttons have been replaced with LightPaint modes that can be used in the Render Views and Canvas.

We are leaving the information below for users of older versions of HDR Light Studio.

The Light Controls panel contains 'click, hold and drag' buttons to edit the size, rotation and brightness of a light. This provides an easy to use alternative to using the sliders to control these properties.
Keyboard qualifiers can be used to change the sensitivity of the Light Control buttons whilst dragging.
CTRL + Hold Drag  = slower increment (i.e. smaller adjustment for distance dragged).
SHIFT + Hold Drag = faster increment (i.e. larger adjustment for distance dragged).

lightcontorls 2016.11 labelled

If you can't see the Light Controls panel, switch it on from the Window menu. See Panels.
These parameters are also available in the Light Properties panel.


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