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HDR Light Studio - Canvas Panel

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The canvas is at the heart of HDR Light Studio. The final output of HDR Light Studio is a high resolution, high dynamic range image of the canvas. Your lighting design is described by the lights you add to the canvas. The canvas is a rectangular image that is wrapped around a sphere to light the 3D model in the Render View.


New in Xenon Drop 3
LightPaint Setting
The Move tool has been replaced by a LightPaint tool in the Canvas panel. The LightPaint Setting drop down controls what attributes are controlled by clicking/dragging in the Canvas panel. At the moment this drop down defaults to  'Move' so you can move the light on the Canvas (like you could before with the Move Tool). However, if a selected light has Spherical Motion Blur, this drop down adds a Motion Blur entry and allows the motion blur direction to be set by clicking on the Canvas image. Please Note: In future releases of HDR Light Studio we will add the ability to scale and change the brightness of lights from the canvas using additional LightPaint Settings in this drop down.


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