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Nodelocked licenses are sometimes called uncounted licenses. A single nodelocked license will enable one of our products to work on one particular computer. It cannot be used on a different computer. If you need it to work on a different computer you will have to transfer the license key but there are restrictions. See Transferring Licenses.

Nodelocked licenses are easy to get working. They simply require a text file containing the license key to be stored in a particular directory on the computer you are using to run HDR Light Studio. Here’s an example of a nodelocked license.

LICENSE lightmap hdrlightstudio 2016.0413 13-apr-2016 single hostid="0024d77eb961" share=uh

 start=13-apr-2015 issuer=web-shop customer=U-00000002 contract=commercial

 issued=13-apr-2015 options=091314c90980091eb5900b4df005186aae11c3b40974dc2b

 092b09726c3909a6_ck=e5d4d19131 sig="302D0215009DC7B225B1008F1D116


It should be stored in a plain text file with a .lic file extension. If you have installed your nodelocked license from an activation code, we will have put the license key in the correct directory for you.

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