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Known Issues

Issues relating to the new V-Ray Render View inside HDR Light Studio

Maya 2020 issue: Pausing/restarting/resizing IPR frame buffer views of V-Ray under OSX can cause a crash. This is most likely a V-Ray issue seen when using HDR Light Studio.

When the user stops HDR Light Studio from the Connection panel in Maya, we shut down the VFB/IPR window. This doesn't work for VRay and the window will be left open, although it will stop rendering.
Solution, manually close the VRay VFB window in Maya.

If the user pauses the Maya/VRay Render View in HDR Light Studio , we shut down the VFB/IPR window for the renderer while paused, it stops rendering but doesn't close. So the Maya/VRay Render View won't start back up when play is pressed. Solution, the user then needs to either go to the VRay VFB and click start, or clicking the ReSync button in HDR Light Studio on the view  will restart the render.


IBL Hook Setup

These are the manual steps needed to create an image based lighting setup that is compatible with HDR Light Studio.
When HDR Light Studio creates an IBL Hook for you, it generates this setup.
Create a V-Ray Light Dome

In the Attribute Editor for the VRayLightDome
Ensure Dome Spherical tick box is enabled
Ensure Use Dome Tex tick box is enabled

Click the checker board button to the right of the Dome Tex slider to add a texture to the light.
From the resulting Create Render Node panel, select 2D Textures > File

In the Attributes Editor, click the folder icon to select a HDR or EXR file to load into the Image Name slot

The IBL hook is now valid. HDR Light Studio will now see and connect to this IBL setup.


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