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HDR Light Studio Installation - Linux

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Step 1: Installing the main HDR Light Studio application

Follow these instructions to install HDR Light Studio on a computer running Linux.

1.Download the .ta.gz file from our web site.

2.Decide where you want to put it.

cd /usr/bin

mkdir hdrlightstudio

cd hdrlightstudio

3.Copy the download archive file to this directory.

cp hdrlightstudio5-lin-2015.0420.tar.gz /usr/bin/hdrlightstudio

4.Un-compress the file and extract to the current directory.

gunzip hdrlightstudio5-lin-2015.0420.tar.gz

tar xvf hdrlightstudio5-lin-2015.0420.tar

5.If you intend to use HDR Light Studio with a plug-in connection to a 3D App (Maya, etc) you must set the environment variable HDRLS_HOME_V5 to point to the directory containing the extracted files. For example:

export HDRLS_HOME_V5=/usr/bin/hdrlightstudio


Note for Demo Users

Now you can start HDR Light Studio and press the 'Run Unlicensed in Demo Mode' button.
The restrictions in this unlicensed mode are:

Project saving and embedding is disabled

Rendering out HDRI content is disabled

HDRI content shared via a Connection will have a red water mark light

Live resolution of the HDRI map is limited to 646 pixels wide, and area lights is limited to 64 pixels

Saving of User Presets is disabled


Step 2: Activation (Node Locked Licenses)
If you have bought a floating license, please read Installing a Floating License.

1. Start HDR Light Studio.

The software is not yet licensed - therefore a Licensing dialog appears after the splash screen.

If you have purchased a node locked license, you will have been provided with an Activation Code.
Activation codes have 24 characters and are presented in 6 blocks of 4 characters.

2. Press the Enter an activation code button.
3. Copy and paste (or manually type) the Activation Code provided into the text field.
4. Press the Verify button.
The status of the activation code is now checked on our servers and a summary of the licenses that will be generated is given.
5. Press Yes to continue. Your licenses will be retrieved and installed on your computer.
6. Press Start HDR Light Studio and the software will open fully licensed.

What's Next: If you have purchased HDR Light Studio, install the high-resolution Presets


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