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Known Issues
Unsupported Area Light Features:
Constant Falloff
Cam Visibility (off state)

If the 3DS Max Render Settings panel is open when when using HDR Light Studio, this can cause issues with HDR Light Studio texture updates.
Existing area light geometry will be exported to HDR Light Studio when exporting a full scene.
Creation/deletion and show/hiding of area lights are not correctly honored in the FIRE preview (as of v3.24 +
 After creating or soloing lights from HDR Light Studio, the scene must be "reexport"ed to Fire.
To ensure area lights are correctly updated after their creation ensure "Export Primitive Changes" is On in the Interactive Preview Options for Fire.



IBL Hook Setup

These are the manual steps needed to create an image based lighting setup that is compatible with HDR Light Studio.
When HDR Light Studio creates an IBL Hook for you, it generates this setup.

In the Render Setup panel, on the Renderer tab, in the Image Based Environment section, Activate image based lighting with the Activate check box.
Load a stand in HDRI map on the Background.


Now HDR Light Studio will connect with the image slots for Maxwell image based lighting.


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