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Release Notes | Known Issues

Release Notes

Build 2021.1115
Support added for RenderMan 24.2
Dropped support for Maya 2018

9th June 2021
Support for Maya 2022 added

Build 2021.0504
On macOS, if HDR Light Studio environment variable is not found/work/set then default install location used to find HDR Light Studio main app. This allows users to use HDR Light Studio with their connection who were having technical difficulties due to macOS ignoring our environment variable.

Build 2020.1203
Fixed a big with RenderMan IPR support.

Build 2020.0302
Support added for Maya 2020, supporting: Redshift, V-Ray, Octane, Renderman and Arnold
Tested against: Redshift 2.6.51, V-Ray 4.30.001, Octane 2019.1.5 - 15.14, RenderMan 23.1, Arnold 4.0.1
Bug fix: Maya / Octane: Area Light Alpha not appearing correctly

Build 2019.0531
Fixed LightPaint inaccurate in V-Ray Render View inside HDRLS

Build 2019.0403
Maya 2019 support added
Fixed issues with VRay VFB not hiding/reloading/restarting properly.
Fixed issues with ReSync'ing the Arnold FrameBuffer.
Fixed issue with Maya not refreshing its environment hooks before Starting the Connection.
Fixed issues with not handling switching of the Maya scene when HDRLS is running.
Fix for RenderMan 22.3 support

Build 2018.1206
Fixed a bug resulting in duplicated area lights caused by a change in Arnold 3.1.1

Build 2018.1023
Maya/Octane: Later release of Octane broke HDR Light Studio compatibility. This has now been fixed.
Maya/Octane: Fixed a potential crash issue when starting the Octane IPR in Maya via HDR Light Studio.
HostPreset namings for RenderMan are changing to;
RenderMan 20 and older will be referred to as RenderMan Legacy
RenderMan 21 & 22 will both be referred to as RenderMan.

Build 2018.0725
Changes to support updated API in newer HDRLS.

Build 2018.0426
Huge interface update, replacing HDR Light Studio connection panel with shelf buttons.
Bug Fixes:
Bug 1732: Maya/Arnold - area lights are not hidden when solo'd or turned off in HDRLS

Build 2018.0202
Updated workflow - hook creation for renderers, Maya IPR image hosted in HDR Light Studio Render View
Plus minor bug fixes

HDR Light Studio 5.4.1 fixes a bug with Maya/Arnold. HDR Light Studio Production Render content was output in the wrong file format. This is now fixed.

Build 2016.1122
Support added for new area light advanced rotations and light handle
Bug 1204 - Fixed bug with Octane Renderer where Show/Hide for area lights does not affect the IPR
Bug 1517 - Fixed probems due to using Multiple Environment Hooks
Bug 1424 - Fixed issue where invalid characters in Area Light name causes the IPR renderer to stop responding
Build 2016.0804
Added support for Maya 2017
Added support for RenderMan 21
V-Ray area lights are now correctly scaled using U and V size parameters
Fixed broken Alpha on Maya V-Ray area lights

Build 2016.0512
Added support for Maya 2016.5

Build 2016.0323
A fix so that RenderMan is now supported on OSX  as well as Windows and Linux. Performance improvements when using RenderMan.

Build 2016.0225
Updated for compatibility with HDR Light Studio 5.3
Bug 1154 - Dragging Lat / Long Sliders in HDRLS, slow HDRI map updates has been fixed.
Bug 1232 - Fixed issue when starting HDRLS with an embedded project, the initial lighting didn't match until a change was made.
Bug 1005 - Fixed HDRLS crash on exit when referencing Alembic file
Support added for iRay for Maya.
Support added for HDR Light Studio area lights. Works with MentalRay, Arnold, V-Ray, Maxwell, Octane, Redshift, RenderMan (RIS), iRay for Maya.
Bug 996 - Fixed bug where HDRLS can not be stopped when it's hidden.
Bug 1138 - Fixed bug where Export Scene fails if path name has a space in it.
Bug 1139: Fixed bug with exporting the scene as a named file not being saved in the HDRLS project data in Maya.
Bug 1151 - Fixed plug-in exception bug with using Rim LightPaint mode in Maya viewport
Bug 1004 - Fixed bug where connection could not be resumed with HDRLS after a HDRLS crash.
Bug 1206: Fixed rotation for HDRI map in Maya/Redshift.

Build 2015.0814
The Maya Connection has been updated to be compatible with HDR Light Studio 5.2.1
HDR Light Studio 5.2.1 contains a critical stability fix relating to communications between HDR Light Studio and host connections.

Build 2015.0630
Support for Maya Renderman 20 environment node has been added (PxrStdEnvMapLight).
Plug-in user interface has been updated to be more consistent with the plug-in connections.

Build 2015.0527
BUG 826 - if your Maya scene was exported to HDR Light Studio 5 with the "Via Temporary File" switched off, saving and restoring the scene in Maya would not load back the model in HDR Light Studio. This has been fixed.
BUG 829 - in the previous build using the Maya plug-in connection, there was a delay of a few seconds before a re-render was triggered in Maya after a lighting change in HDR Light Studio. This has been fixed in the Maya plug-in connection build 2015.0527. You will also need to install HDR Light Studio 5.1.


Known Issues

Arnold Bug
Starting a new scene and opening the Render Settings before starting HDR Light Studio via the connection may cause the Arnold interactive rendering inside HDR Light Studio to not start. If a user gets into a situation whereby, on start-up of the interactive rendering inside HDR Light Studio (Render View [Maya|Arnold]), the IPR opens in Maya, but it does not come through to Render View [Maya|Arnold] in HDR Light Studio, the user should open the Render Settings in Maya and the Render View [Maya|Arnold] will start working.

Maya/Octane Bug
In Maya 2017 with Octane, HDR Light Studio creates a caches of area lights ready to use in the IPR session. When these are created, their shader group nodes appear in the outliner. These should not be visible in the outliner and this is a bug with Maya 2017/Octane. We are unable to fix this issue. Please ignore those nodes, HDR Light Studio is functioning properly.


Build 2016.0323


In Maya 2014, toggling camera visibility in HDR Light Studio with an IPR session, can make Maya/V-Ray unstable and crash.

After producing a final production HDRI, the Re-render Production HDRI button does not work as the rendered files are still being used in the background by Maya.

Maxwell Render

Sometimes, if you have a window docked over the top of the Attribute Editor before an area light is created, then texture updates on the area light will not be seen by the Fire window. The workaround is simply open the Attribute Editor and make another change to the light in HDRLS (which will cause a texture update), all updates will then be applied to the light regardless of whether the Attribute Editor stays open or not.


RenderMan 21 Specific

All lights are not visible to the camera by default now.

The default orientation of environment images has changed by 90 degrees to match the orientation latlong posted by ILM in the OpenEXR example images which show how ILM expects the XYZ coordinate frame to be positioned.

All lights are additive so cannot block or show "black" in reflections.

Other RenderMan notes:

It is best to set RenderMan IPR to leave some CPU cores free for Maya and HDR Light Studio to use. Otherwise RenderMan can compromise Maya's ability to correctly receive HDR Light Studio lighting updates.

Start RenderMan IPR only after HDR Light Studio connection has been launched.

Some changes to the area lights get missed by the RenderMan IPR, refreshing the IPR view will re-sync to the up to date lighting.

RenderMan IPR can miss some lighting updates if many changes are sent at once from HDR Light Studio, for example if you have 10 area lights in your scene and solo one, this hides the other 9 lights in sequence and some of these updates can be missed by the IPR. Refreshing the IPR view will re-sync to the up to date lighting.

RenderMan Maya Area Light Textures are set to resolution 1,024. This needs manually updating to a higher value if resolutions higher than this are required.

Alpha is not supported on the area light, an RGB image (pre-multiplied by the Alpha) is used as the light content.

When camera visibility is turned on/off in HDR Light Studio, this isn't detected in the RenderMan IPR session. An IPR restart is required to correctly honor this setting.




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