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Release Notes

9th November 2021
Cinema 4D R25 Connection Added

Build 2021.0519
The Cinema 4D connection now uses our new API for a far more responsive lighting experience. We also took the opportunity to rework the behavior of this connection, here are the key changes:

Support added for Cinema 4D 24

Moving lights is more interactive

Simplified the Connection panel terminology to be easier to understand for new users

You can switch Cinema 4D projects without HDR Light Studio closing and your lighting project will auto sync

You can create multiple HDR Light Studio lighting projects in a single C4D project and correctly swap between them. This is also compatible with the Cinema 4D 'Takes' system

Added support for V-Ray 5 (removed support for older V-Ray versions)

Added support for real-time Area Light Spread control for: Arnold, V-Ray, Redshift and Octane

Hiding the HDR Light Studio Connection panel on the UI does no longer stops the lighting updates. You can now tab the connection panel and have it behind another tab when using HDR Light Studio

Logging has moved into the native Cinema 4D logging system

On macOS, if the environment variable is not working to tell Cinema 4D the location of the HDR Light Studio application, the Connection will then look in the default install location. This fixes an issue where macOS users report Cinema 4D not able to start HDR Light Studio from Cinema 4D on macOS.

Arnold: Fixed mapping of HDRI as Arnold had changed this orientation.

Fixed a crash bug when opening pre Xenon Drop 3 'Octane' lighting projects containing HDR Light Studio area lights.

Please note we have officially stopped supporting Maxwell and Thea in Cinema 4D

September 22nd 2020
Compatibility added for R23

Build 2019.1212
Remove the AVX compiler flags from libs and plug-in
Support added for Redshift 3 in Cinema 4D

Build 2019.1113
Support added for Cinema 4D R21 (Requires R21.1 (build 21.115) and higher)
C4D: Redshift - Area Light width and height controls incorrectly swapped over.
C4D: Redshift - Production Rendering was turning off shadows from the environment lighting.

Build 2019.0712
See your Cinema 4D Interactive Render inside the HDR Light Studio interface
Supported in Cinema 4D R20 only, with Arnold, Octane, Redshift, Thea.
Added support for Corona render - R18,19,20.
Cinema 4D Interactive Render View inside HDR LIght Studio
For compatibility ensure you are running 'at least' these renderer builds:
Octane Version: 2018.1.3 (Octane 5) or 4.04-R2 (Octane 4)
Arnold Version: 2.5.0
Redshift Version: 2.6.40
Thea Version: 2.1.457.1847
Bug Fixes:
Cinema 4D Connection - Duplicating object in C4D incorrectly closes HDR Light Studio.
Cinema 4D Connection / Thea - Camera visibility setting on area lights not working.
Cinema 4D Connection / Arnold - Crash/hang bug with area lights and IPR running.
Cinema 4D Connection / Redshift - Camera visibility setting on area lights not working.
Cinema 4D Connection / Arnold - Updated to use TX file for proxy updates and missing textures.

Cinema 4D Connection - 2018.1115 released 19th Nov 2018 (updated, fixes issue with 2018.1108 build)
Fixed bug where existing embedded HDR Light Studio projects were not loading using the C4D Connection 2018.1108 build
Added support for Cinema 4D r20
Fixed: Area light textures not working correctly with Redshift
Fixed: HDRLS connection panel was not showing current renderer
Fixed: Thea area lights having texture facing wrong direction

Build 2018.0723
Updated to fix an Area Light bug when used with the latest version of HDR Light Studio.

Build 2018.0208
Redshift Renderer support added
Updated to support VRay4C4D version 3 correctly
Press Play button in HDR Light Studio to automatically import the scene from Cinema 4D
BZ# 1784 C4D Copy Paste bug that was selecting HDRLS hook
Plus minor bug fixes

Build 2017.1123
Added support for CINEMA 4D R19
Fixed: C4DtoA hook stopped working after Arnold 2.1.2 update
Fixed: C4DtoA Area light textures are not loading correctly
Fixed: Bug where selecting an object, then copy and paste it (either CTRL+C then CTRL+V, or CTRL+Drag) the HDR Light Studio Environment was being selected.

Build 2017.0718
Now correctly supports C4DtoA (Arnold) version 2.0.3+

Build 2016.1124
Support added for new area light advanced rotations and light handle
Cinema 4D R18 is now supported
Updated Thea support to use bitmap shader parameters instead of filenames parameters in the Thea Sky Tag. Minimum supported version of Thea in Cinema4D is v1.5.07.271
Bug 1526 - Fixed C4D Arnold & V-Ray: Z rotation incorrect when converting a light to an Area Light

Build 2016.0511
Supports Area Light creation and control

Build 2015.1102
Updated for compatibility with HDR Light Studio 5.3
Bug 1154 - Dragging Lat / Long Sliders in HDRLS, slow HDRI map updates has been fixed.
Bug 1232 - Fixed issue when starting HDRLS with an embedded project, the initial lighting didn't match until a change was made.
Bug 1005 - Fixed HDRLS crash on exit when referencing Alembic file
Bug 1044 - OBJ export bug with Cinema 4D R17 fixed.
Bug 1002 - Fixed bug where switching between export formats in plugin not changing file extension of filename.
Fixed bug where HDRLS can not be stopped when it's hidden.

Build 2015.1028
Support added for Cinema 4D R17

Build 2015.0626
Support for Arnold renderer has been added.
Support for the Thea renderer has been added.
Plug-in user interface has been updated to be more consistent with the plug-in connections.


Known Issues

If you have the HDR Light Studio Connection panel in the Cinema 4D interface docked behind another panel when using the connection then lighting updates can be ignored from HDR Light Studio. Please ensure the HDR Light Studio Connection panel is visible when lighting using HDR Light Studio.

Octane for C4D: Re-render Production Render Does Not Use New Texture On Disk Correctly
When doing a production render, then making changes to the lighting and doing another production render, it results in Octane showing the first production render rather than the second one.

LightPaint issue in the Cinema 4D Viewport
When using a low polygon model with a Phong Tag - light positions can appear wrong when Light Painting in the Cinema 4D viewport (or the Cinema 4D render in the HDR Light Studio interface). The reasoning for this is that the Phong tag interpolates across the polygon edges to "smooth" out the model, but this smoothing isn't taken into account in any of the maths functions we use to calculate the LightPaint positions. The workaround is to export the model into HDR Light Studio with the Phong tag on, and our Renderer will handle the "smoothed" surfaces fine with LightPainting inside HDR Light Studio.

V-Ray for C4D: HDR updates not coming through.
There is a bug in V-Ray for C4D where if the shader with the HDRI map attached has not been show in the Cinema 4D interface, then the map does not get updated in V-Ray when making changes in HDR Light Studio. The workaround is to locate and show the shader with the file texture attached in the Cinema 4D interface, and then the HDRI map image will subsequently get updated correctly by HDR Light Studio. This bug is logged and will be fixed in next V-Ray for C4D build.


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