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Release Notes

Build 2024.0307
Support added for Rhino 8.

Bug fix: HDR Light Studio will no longer stop working when working with multiple Rhino scenes in a single session (but not simultaneously).
Bug fix: Rhino has fixed a bug where Cycles rendered black in Rhino 8, showing no lighting from the HDRI map created using HDR Light Studio. Rhino build 8.5.24064.03001 or higher is required for the bug fix to be effective.

Build 2023.1218
Updated to be compatible with HDR Light Studio 8.2

Build 2023.0417
Fixed a bug with V-Ray not showing in the HDR Light Studio interface.
Performance improvements.

Rhino 7 support added 6th April 2021

Build 2018.1130
We currently advise when using HDR Light Studio to have autosave turned off.
The HDRI map data stored against the HDR Light Studio Environment makes your Rhino files take longer to save. We are working at speeding this up. The data is not large, it is due to some processing it needs in order to be saved.


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