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Release Notes

Build 2023.0327
DeltaGen 2023 (and the x-builds) support added.
Performance improvements for DeltaGen 2023 (and the x-builds)
Bug fix related to editing a HDR and not rendering the edited map. Original HDR is correctly maintained in this situation.

Build 2021.1110
DeltaGen 2022 (and the x-builds) support added. This connection update is compatible with the new Ambience nodes

DeltaGen 2021x support added 6th April 2021

DeltaGen 2020x support added 16th April 2020

Build 2019.0115
DeltaGen 2019 (and the x-builds) support added

Build 2018.0118
Added support for DeltaGen Suite 2018x

Support/plug-in added for DeltaGen 2017x (16 December 2016)
Support/plug-in added for DeltaGen 2017 (11 August 2016)

Build 2016.0218
Updated for compatibility with HDR Light Studio 5.3
Bug 1155 '_ll' should now be appended once, if '_ll' is already at the end of the file name it will not be added again.
Bug 1154 - Dragging Lat / Long Sliders in HDRLS, slow HDRI map updates has been fixed.
Bug 1232 - Fixed issue when starting HDRLS with an embedded project, the initial lighting didn't match until a change was made.

Build 2015.0522
Supports DeltaGen versions 12.1, 12.2, 13, 13.1

Known Issues

Issues when using HDR Light Studio in unlicensed demo mode
Loading/Creating a new scene in DeltaGen 2017 then adding lights in HDR Light Studio unlicensed 'demo' mode, and then saving the DeltaGen project will cause a couple of issues when loading the project back into DeltaGen:
1. The default lighting on the model and background will not load correctly in both the Look and Stellar renderers: lighting will look wrong in the Look renderer, and will appear chequered in the Stellar renderer.
2. The lights that were "saved" will appear in the local surrounding image in the connection panel: these will disappear once HDR Light Studio demo mode is launched again.

To avoid these issues. Try HDR Light Studio for 15 days with a full license.
Please email to arrange your trial.


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