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Application Preferences Dialog

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The application Preferences can be found under the Edit menu on Windows (and the HDR Light Studio menu on Mac).

Preferences Dialog 

Preferences Dialog

License Directory
This folder contains the RLM license keys required to run HDR Light Studio. Click Choose... to open a file browser and select an alternative directory. Click 'Default' to reset the directory to the default location. Click Open... to launch a file browser showing this directory.

Dump License Info
Enable this check box to include license information in logs. This is off by default. Only turn this on if asked by Lightmap support to do so during a support case. Thanks.

Preset Directory
This directory contains the .tx image files and .xml files that define the preset lights. They take up a lot of space, so you may wish to share these on a central disk drive rather than duplicated for each user.

Proxy Directory
This is the root folder for temporary image files (image cache) written by HDR Light Studio. When we run HDR Light Studio through a connection to a 3D app, we create a sub directory called HdrlsBuckets in the Proxy Image Directory in which we store temporary environment maps (HDR or EXR) that are passed from HDR Light Studio to the 3D app like Maya, 3ds Max or Cinema 4D. These are used to light the scene using the renderer in the 3D app. The HdrlsBuckets directory is deleted when the application is closed. By default the Proxy Image Directory is on your local machine under your user directory. This preference allows you to specify a shared network directory for this image cache. This is useful when using network rendering for your lighting previews.

Proxy Map Size
This defines the horizontal size of the HDRI map used to light the Render View and shared with 3D apps. In Demo (unlicensed) mode only the smallest proxy size is selectable.

Proxy Area Light Size
This defines the horizontal size of the area light HDR content used in the Render View and shared with 3D apps. In Demo (unlicensed) mode only the smallest proxy size is selectable.

Smart Dolly Scalar
All Area Light's Smart Dolly distances are multiplied by this value. If a very small model is being lit with HDR Light Studio (or has been exported using meter units and is therefore small in HDR Light Studio units), then reduce this value so that Smart Dolly moves Area Lights over smaller distances.

Image Cache
This defines how much RAM HDR Light Studio uses to store images. If you find your renders are very slow (due to swapping), increase this value.

OCIO Config
This is the location of your OCIO configuration file. Some example OCIO files are shipped with HDR Light Studio in the OCIOConfigs subfolder. For example:

Windows - C:\Program Files\Lightmap\HDR Light Studio\OCIOConfigs\

Mac OS X - /Applications/

This is set using the OCIO environment variable.

OCIO Default View
Sets the default LUT to use in the Canvas, Render View and Light Preview panels.

Log Directory
This is the location of the diagnostic information written out by HDR Light Studio. This is set using the HDRLS_LOG_FILE environment variable.

Log Level
This indicates the verbosity of the diagnostic information. 0 is succinct, 5 is wordy. This is set using the HDRLS_LOG_LEVEL environment variable.


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