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New in Xenon Drop 2

The lighting process is about creativity and experimentation. There are so many lighting decisions to make and so many different approaches you can try out. Light Looks allow you to easily store, compare, duplicate and edit multiple lighting designs in a single HDR Light Studio project - supporting your creative lighting process.

Light Looks Summary

Light Looks allow multiple lighting designs (Light Lists) in a single HDR Light Studio project

Click on a Look to make it active. The Light List panel lists lights from the active Look

Only one Look can be active at a time

Lighting Looks works with all HDR Light Studio light types - both lights on the HDRI map and Area Lights

Looks are organized in a tree hierarchy

The lighting for your shot includes the active Look and all parent lights from further up its tree hierarchy - highlighted with white text. Inheriting lights from higher up the tree allows multiple child looks to have lights that edit/augment the parent look. This enables more creative ideas to be explored with a common editable base lighting design.

All Looks are embedded in your host 3D software via the single HDR Light Studio project file

Looks can be deleted and duplicated - child looks will be deleted and duplicated too.

You can create as many Looks as you want

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