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Important Information

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This User Guide is very large and full of detailed information about HDR Light Studio software. We don't expect you will read it all. So we have saved this page for some very important pieces of information. If you don't know about them, they could spoil your initial experience of using our software. If you read nothing else before playing with HDR Light Studio, read this page to check none of these issues affect you!

Drop down Menu bug on OSX with dual displays with different resolutions
When using HDR Light Studio on a Mac with 2 displays, if they are different resolutions then drop down menus can be drawn in the wrong location on the screen. The software remains usable. We are working on a fix for this.

Drop down menus with OSX and with Pen Input (e.g. Wacom Pen)
If you are using OSC or a Wacom or Pen Input device with HDR Light Studio, the drop down menus will not perhaps work as you expect. You will need to click once to open the drop down menu, and click again to make your selection within the menu. If you click and drag and release over the item you want selected, this will not select the item where you released. You may think the drop down menus do not work, but they do if you know this behavior.

Why is HDR Light Studio is crashing when I try to open or save a file (I have a Dell Computer)?
Some Dell Computers have pre-installed a 'Dell Backup and Recovery Solution'. This Dell software has a fault that can cause other applications that use QT for their GUI (like HDR Light Studio and many other apps) to crash. Please disable or uninstall this Dell Backup and Recovery Solution shell extension to prevent HDR Light Studio from crashing when trying to open or save a files.

I am running HDR Light Studio on Mac OS X. I have a valid license but the application shows the red unlicensed watermark.
There is an error message that says: The host [] is currently using this license.
This is due to a conflict between our licensing that prevents remote terminal use and Apple's "Back to My Mac" feature which enables this functionality. Currently the only solution is to switch off the "Back to My Mac" feature while running HDR Light Studio. To do this, go to System Preferences > iCloud and uncheck the box next to ‘Back to My Mac'

HDR Light Studio can Connect to only one host session at a time
If you are using HDR Light Studio with various connections, please bear in that HDR Light Studio will only connect with one app session at a time. For example, if you open Maya and connect it to HDR Light Studio, then open a second session of Maya, and try and connect that to HDR Light Studio too, it will cause connection errors. There should only ever be one session of HDR Light Studio running at a time. The same is true if you use HDR Light Studio connected to different apps, you can connect to only one of them at a time.


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