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HDR Light Studio failed to start

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If HDR Light Studio is failing to start when pressing the start button on your connection, here are some possible solutions:

1. Make sure you have installed the HDR Light Studio main app and not just the connection.

2. If you have installed the main HDR Light Studio app already, restart your computer and install it again with no other software running. This sets the environment variable so that your connection knows where to find HDR Light Studio.

3. If you get the error message 'Failed to initialise HDR Light Studio' it's because the initialisation call to HDR Light Studio fails. This is most likely due to unsupported version mismatches. i.e. the connection and version of HDR Light Studio main app are not compatible. To check which versions to use together - see our PDF compatability chart here.

4. Ensure HDR Light Studio and the Connection are allowed past your firewall.


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