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Studio lighting mixed with a HDRI map

In this example we are going to light a car with studio style lighting. Then load a HDRI map and use the studio lighting like a HDRI mask through to the HDRI map.
This way we get the effect of the shaping of the studio lighting, but with the character showing through from the HDRI map.

Step 1: Light the shot with a range of studio style white lights. Add a solid black background at the base of the lighting design.


Step 2: When happy with the basic lighting, merge those lights into a Composite light.


Step 3: Make a Picture Background light and load a HDRI map. Put this light at the bottom of the light list, under the Composite light.


Step 4: Change the blend mode for the Composite light to Multiply. The studio lighting will now act like a mask over the HDRI map.
You can see this when looking at the Canvas.


You can change the brightness of the Composite light to increase or decrease the brightness of the lighting, as this is multiplying with the brightness of the HDRI map.


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