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HDR Light Studio - Documentation

Build 2021.0914
Added support for Octane Render and RenderMan
Fixed scene export failure with versions Blender 2.93.2 and higher
Single installer file for all versions

Build 2021.0504
On macOS, if HDR Light Studio environment variable is not found/work/set then default install location used to find HDR Light Studio main app. This allows users to use HDR Light Studio with their connection who were having technical difficulties due to macOS ignoring our environment variable.

Build 2020.0928
Fixed a bug when an invalid log path is set.

Known Issues / Behaviors

Undo in Blender
If you use the Undo in Blender whilst in a lighting session with HDR Light Studio, then this can really mess things up. So please use the Undo inside HDR Light Studio instead to undo your lighting changes.
For example: If HDR Light Studio is open, and you use Undo in Blender, and then export the Blender scene into HDR Light Studio using the re-sync button, it will crash Blender.

Screen based reflections in Eevee
If an area light front face is not visible in the view, it will not show in reflections when using Eevee. This is how Eevee screen based reflections work at the moment.

Export Limiations of Scenes into HDR Light Studio
We use Blender's Alembic exporter to send scenes into HDR Light Studio's Render View.
Currently we have noticed that these features are not exporting using this exchange format:
1) Instanced Geometry
2) Solidify Modifiers
3) Particle Systems

Area Light - Cam Visibility setting in HDR Light Studio
This setting in the HDR Light Studio properties panel has no effect in Eevee.
Blender 2.93 & RenderMan XPU:
Blender may crash when changing the Area Light Spread.


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