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Batch Import of Images to User Presets

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If you have a range of images you would like adding to the User presets, you can drag and drop the images onto the Presets panel, and they will be added as Element: Images.
This is ideal if you have a library of HDRI maps that you would like available inside HDR Light Studio.
Any images that have a ratio of 2:1 will automatically be available from the Env tab in the presets panel. Making it easy to find your HDRI maps.

Simply drag and drop the selected images from a directory in your OS onto the Presets panel.
It doesn't matter what type of content is active in the drop down menus, the images will always be added as Element:Images


Once the images have been dropped, you will be asked to confirm you wish to continue with converting the images to presets.
Choose Yes to continue.


The Presets name/description will be inherited from their file names. But you should tag them appropriately. Here we have created a new tag HDRI_Maps
Press OK to continue.


Now each image will be processed into a .tx file that is added to the User Presets folder, with an accompanying .xml file describing the preset.


Once all of the images have been processed a confirmation will be displayed.
Press OK to close the panel.


If you select Element: Images and the tag HDRI_Maps, you will now be able to see the images that have been added to the User Presets.

batch_import_images_06 0702_2024

You can rename, tag and delete your added User Presets using the User Preset Management panel.

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